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Jack Landskroner passed away peacefully on June 19 surrounded by his family.

Soon after graduation and passing the Bar, Jack joined his father’s firm, the Landskroner Law Firm, working toward learning his craft and realizing his passion for helping people. Eventually, he and his good friend, Paul Grieco, formed “Landskroner Grieco.” Landskroner Grieco quickly found its niche, counting its success not in dollar signs, but in the number of people they were able to help. Landskroner Grieco eventually became Landskroner Grieco Merriman, enjoying a nationwide reputation for excellence in advocacy.

During his years with the firm, those cases he truly enjoyed, those cases that he truly poured his heart into, were those involving children. Anytime there was a case where the system was hurting kids, he took the system on. And won. It was those cases where Jack’s eyes lit up and he reveled in the challenge.

Kids have always been a guiding light in Jack’s life. Early on in his career, Jack realized that he wanted and needed to do more for at risk kids. Together with his wife, Heather, they formed the “Landskroner Foundation for Children” with the intent of helping those kids.  Jack mentored many young men, providing insight and advice that those men appreciate even today.

Jack was also a huge advocate of gun locks, writing more than one article concerning the devastation to families of children killed or hurt by unsecured guns. Jack and Heather, through The Landskroner Foundation for Children, have sponsored many “gun lock giveaways” at scheduled events. Even today, The Landskroner Foundation for Children continues its work providing gun locks free of charge at its “gun lock giveaway” events as well as providing toys and books to those children in need through the Westside Catholic Charities.